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Best Recycling Projects for Kids – Video for Kids


                                       Recycling Project for Kids

Recycling is a process to convert some waste material in something that can be reused. It could be fun for kids. For the recycling project shown in the video, you would require things that can be found easily in your home. A lady is demonstrating, how to make desk organizers by using empty plastic bottles.

Material Required: –

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Decorative tape
  • Scissors
  • Other decorative elements
  • Glue

Procedure: –

  • Wash the bottle completely so that it is clean and then let it dry.
  • Use the scissors to cut the bottle in half.
  • You are going to use the lower half section of the bottle.
  • Make sure you take the label off the bottle.
  • Try to make the cut edge of bottles smooth for safety.
  • Use the decorative tape to cover the edges of bottle.
  • Paste other decorative materials with the glue.
  • Now, your desk organizer is ready. If you want a different one next time then take a bottle of different shape.
  • You can make more of them and use them to put different things.


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