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Best Science Fair Projects for 5th Grade Video for Kids


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In this video, a kid Harrison is demonstrating a nuclear reactor simulator that he made for his school project. He names the project ‘Nuclear Fission’.

Requires Materials: –

  • Mouse Traps
  • Ping Pong Balls

Procedure: –

  • In this experiment, ping pong ball will work as a neutron and the mouse trap will work as enriched uranium disc.
  • Enriched uranium makes it unstable and able to release energy.
  • This project will create a simulation of chain reaction that would happen in the nuclear reactor.
  • And that chain reaction is a series of events in which each induces the next.
  • Set all the mousetraps in a cardboard box and put the one ping pong ball on the top of each.
  • When you will throw a ping pong ball in, it will make all other balls move which are already inside the box.

Concept: –

Nuclear Fission can be defined as a process in which a large nucleus splits in two smaller ones. Energy and Neutrons are released in that process. Nuclear power is a clean way to produce energy.



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