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This is a science experiment video by Steve Spangler and his experiment for kids with dry ice. In this video, you can see and do an experiment for yourself on how to create erupting smoke-filled bubbles. You will be able to see what materials will be used for the experiment and how to do the experiment yourself step by step. The video will also talk about the materials used like what the dry ice actually is composed of and shares some tips where to get them and how to safely handle them. The video will explain all the steps of the experiment so kids will be able to understand what is happening. Even though the experiment in the video is done by kids, be sure to still provide adult supervision when your kids try this.

Watch this fascinating Experiments facts for kids video and considerably increase your understanding and interest in Experiments.

This Experiments video is directed for your children, from ones participating in early learning programs for pre-K kids, all the way to grade 5, clearly likewise suitable for preschoolers youngsters and kids who are schooled from home.

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