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Best Science Fair Projects for 6th Grade Video for Kids


                                    Science Fair Project for 6th Grade

This video is about science fair projects for 6th grade. This project is making a lemon battery.

Materials Required: –

  • Two lemons
  • Two pennies
  • Two galvanized nail
  • Multimeter
  • A sharp knife
  • Copper wire

Procedure: –

  • Roll the lemon on the table so that it can get charged. It breaks the cell walls and loosens up the juice.
  • This sour juice is required for the chemical reaction which is going to take place.
  • Cut a ½ inch deep slit in the lemon using the knife.
  • Insert the penny in the slit. You can also use copper wire if you want.
  • Insert the galvanized nail at another end of the lemon in a way that the penny and the nail must not touch.
  • Now one cell of your lemon battery is ready and you can take the reading by using the multimeter.
  • Make one more sell using the same way.
  • To create a battery of higher voltages we can connect two or more cells.

Concept: –

The energy we get from a battery comes from chemical energy. The chemical energy gets converted into electrical energy. This lemon battery is a voltaic battery. Here, the penny and the galvanized nail are working as electrodes.



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