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Space for Kids Video Contents

This video is a great introduction about Space for kids. They can watch and learn about the different aspects of Space as they follow the animated duo in the video; Max the Eagle and Blinker the Robot. Kids will learn about Rockets, its brief history about which culture they developed from first and how rockets started to be used by people. The video will also show amazing scenes of rockets and space shuttles. Kids will also find out about Space Stations and even Crop Circles. The video is short and is only a preview of the DVD “Space for Kids”.

Kids will enjoy viewing this Space for Kids facts video and substantially increase your little ones’ livid interest to discover science facts about Space for Kids.

This Space for Kids video is good for your kids, from ones partaking in early learning programs for Kindergarten kids, till Fifth grade, obviously in addition to young children and kids undertaking homeschooling.

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