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                                              Spinosaurus Facts

The word Spinosaurus has meaning ‘spine lizard’. They lived in Cretaceous period around 100 million years ago. Their first fossils were found in Egypt in 1912. They could reach up to 50 feet in length and weighed around 15-18 tons. Spinosaurus was best known for its long and thin skull. It was a bipedal creature but they occasionally used all four legs to walk.

Quick Facts: –

  • Spinosaurus is famous for its sail and crocodile like lifestyle.
  • They belonged to the family Spinosauria.
  • Their sail was made up of spiked shaped bones and was used to control their body temperature.
  • It was the largest carnivorous dinosaur.
  • They had powerful jaws equipped with straight teeth.
  • They were cold-blooded creatures.
  • Spinosaurus had a weird profile that is the reason they were featured in the movie Jurassic Park III.
  • They were not picky eaters and fed on almost everything they get.
  • They were named in 1915.
  • They were not the only dinosaurs with sail.
  • Spinosaurus had short hind legs and nostrils that were in the middle of their snout.
  • The original Spinosaurus specimen was destroyed in World War II.
  • The structure of their spine was similar to fins and they were made up of 6 feet bones.
  • Baryonyx is the closest relative of Spinosaurus.
  • Spinosaurus is the world’s first identified swimming dinosaur.
  • They were larger than both T. Rex and Giganotosaurus.


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