T Rex Dinosaur Facts for Kids Video

T. Rex were one of the largest herbivores on the earth.

About this T Rex Dinosaur Video

After watching this video, based on T Rex Dinosaur, you will find out that, the Dinosaur T. Rex was one of the greatest predators that ever lived.

T. Rex is an abbreviation of ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’. Here, Tyrannosaurus, a Greek word means- ‘Tyrant Lizard’ and Rex, a Latin word means ‘King’.

  • The largest T. Rex tooth found is 12 inches (30cm) long.
  • Their length was up to 12 metres (40 feet).
  • Their weight was 5-8 tons (approx.).
  • They could sprint up to 20 mph (32kph).

They lived about 65 to 70 million years ago – in the late cretaceous period.

What Helped them hunt better?

  • Large parts of their brain helped their vision and smell. It may have even had telescopic vision.
  • Flexible neck for different attack positions.
  • Long tail, used for balance.
  • Long and sharp teeth, like knives.
  • Powerful back legs for speed.
  • Strong Thighs.

T Rex lived in an area of earth that now makes up western North America because their fossils were found there. The skull of a T Rex alone measured up to 5 feet long. They had tiny but extremely powerful arms and featured two clawed fingers. Estimates suggest that their maximum speed was around 40 kph. It had the most powerful bite with a force of over 5800 Kg.

  • Along with Stegosaurus and Iguanodon, T Rex was one of the three dinosaurs that inspired the appearance of Godzilla.
  • In ‘Jurassic Park’ movies, T Rex had a starred role.