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                                         Steps of Scientific Method

A scientific method can be defined as a process for conducting an experiment initiated by some observations to find answers to questions. Basically it is a series of steps. It does not mean that the same process is exactly followed by every scientist but the main purpose of reaching a scientifically acceptable theory remains the same. It is a systematic way of experimentation.

Key Steps of a scientific method: –

  • Observation: – Any scientific method starts when we make some observations. They help us to identify a proper question.
  • Question: – An objective can be stated only by forming a question. An experiment can be designed in a better way while trying to answer a question.
  • Background research: – A background research needs to be conducted. A plot of the experiment can be constructed on the basis of this research.
  • Formulation of a Hypothesis: – A hypothesis has to be formulated about how things are going to work during the experiment. It does not give the perfect answer to the question but provides an approximate solution.
  • Experiment: – The hypothesis needs to be tested and performing the experiment completes the task. It is one of the most important steps in a scientific method. This step proves a scientific hypothesis right or wrong and forms a conclusive theory.
  • Data Collection: – After completing the experiment, the results need to be noted down. These results have to be constant. This data helps to draw charts, table or graph to present the experiment result.
  • Analysis: – In this step, those charts, table and graphs are analyzed. This analysis helps to determine whether the hypothesis was right or wrong.
  • Conclusion: – It is the last step that marks the ending of an experiment. If the hypothesis is proved correct then the initial question is answered.


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