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Best Types of Scientists Video for Kids


                                             Types of Scientists

A scientist is a person who is trained in a specific area of science and performs different researches to solve problems related to science. This video features a list of different types of scientists and what they do in their job. It includes most of the major types including botanists, zoologists, ecologists, environmental scientists etc. All of them do not wear a white coat and work in labs. Some of them are out exploring new and different things.

  • Botanists study plants.
  • Ecologists study relationships such as predator-prey.
  • Environmental scientists study the health of the environment. They test things such as air quality, water quality, soil quality etc.
  • Marine biologists study oceanic organisms.
  • Physicians study biology and medicine.
  • Zoologists study animals and their behavior.
  • Archaeologists study the remains of human life.
  • Astronomers study the solar system, outer space and the objects in it.
  • Cell Biologists study the structure of cells to learn their working.
  • Entomologists focus on the study of insects.
  • Herpetologists study of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Mycologists study fungi.
  • Ornithologists study of birds.
  • Meteorologists study about the atmosphere and weather.
  • Microbiologists study microorganisms.
  • Paleontologists study about dinosaurs.
  • Seismologists study everything related to earthquakes.
  • Geologists study about the earth’s materials like rocks and minerals.
  • Mineralogists study about minerals.


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