Easy Water Purification Video for Kids

Enjoy watching this special and extremely simple to understand Easy Water Purification facts for children video:

                                                 Water Purification

This video demonstrates a quick and really neat trick for water purification. It is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). This method for purifying water is used in many countries that cannot afford or are not able to get some other purification techniques. Also, it is quite simple to do.

All you need is a clear plastic water bottle. Preferably, use a bottle with no tint. It also needs to be as smooth as possible. Now, fill this up with the water and leave it in the Sun for 5-6 hours. The principle that works in it is if you leave this thing in the Sun then it starts working like a greenhouse. All the outer light ad radiation gets in but it cannot escape. And over the course of the day, the temperature of the bottle will heat up and then it will pasteurize and kill all disease-causing organisms.

This technique is prevalently used in several countries that do not have the infrastructure to purify water.

If you want the water to get purified quicker, put this on like some aluminum flashing or some other kind of reflective backing. It is a super easy way to filter your water without using eternal resources especially if there is any kind of grid down power situation and you are in a real despair for water and you need it then instead of spending a lot of energy on purifying the water, you can purify a lot of water very easily if you have a couple of clear plastic bottles. It takes absolutely no effort, just leave it in the Sun