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Best Uses of Oxygen Video for Kids


                                                  Uses of Oxygen

This is a fun video that is all about the uses of Oxygen and how it is important. With this video, you will know about the effects that will happen if the world loses oxygen for just 5 seconds.

  • Everyone at the Beach would immediately get sunburns because molecular oxygen in the air protects our skin against UV light.
  • The daytime sky would get dark because there will be fewer particles to bounce light. It means a dark, almost black sky.
  • All pieces of untreated metal would instantly spot weld to each other. The only thing preventing metal from welding together on contact is a layer of oxidation.
  • The earth’s crust would crumble as oxygen makes up 45% of the crust.
  • Everyone’s inner ear would explode because we would lose about 21% of the air pressure.
  • Every building made out of concrete would turn to dust because oxygen is an important binder in concrete.
  • Every living cell would explode in a haze of hydrogen gas.
  • Water is 1/3 oxygen, without it hydrogen would turn into a gaseous state and expand in volume. The oceans would evaporate and bleed into space.
  • Without oxygen, hydrogen is free to float to the upper troposphere and eventually into space.

Now, what if the amount of oxygen doubled?

  • Paper airplanes would fly further.
  • We would get better gas mileage.
  • We would be happier and more alert.
  • The extra oxygen would improve our cognition, alertness, and physical performance.
  • There would be giant insects because an insect’s body size is determined by the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere.

This concludes that everything is good in moderation.



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