Oxygen Facts for Kids Video

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Oxygen Facts Video Contents

Watch this short video and learn some fascinating facts about oxygen gas. In this video, you will learn what oxygen is, how it makes up around 21% of the air around us, and how it supports life and combustion. You will find facts like how oxygen does not burn or explode, how oxygen can exist as a liquid at temperatures below -182 degrees Celsius, how ozone is a form of oxygen being O3, how ozone is highly toxic at too high pressures or too high concentrations, what hyperoxia and hypoxia are, how oxygen is a powerful oxidizer and more interesting facts. Learn all about oxygen gas just by watching this short video.

Watch this excellent Oxygen facts for kids video and considerably widen all your children’s basic understanding on Oxygen Facts.

This Oxygen Facts video is fun to watch for young kids, from those partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, all the way to 5th grade, obviously likewise suitable for preschool youngsters and kids in far-off boarding schools.

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