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                                            Facts about Weather

Weather is the daily condition of the earth‘s atmosphere. It is actually produced by the interaction of several factors including heat, air pressure, winds and moisture.

Heat transferred from the Sun is absorbed by the earth and spread through the atmosphere. Air temperature varies from place to place because the Sun’s rays strike the earth at different angles.

Air pressure is the measure of the force of the air pressing down on the earth’s surface. It depends on the density of the air. Denser air exerts more pressure than less dense air. It can vary considerably from location to location due to unequal heating of the atmosphere. These air pressure differences cause the movement of the air which we call wind.

The amount of moisture in the air is called relative humidity which also influences weather. Moisture in the atmosphere condenses causing clouds to develop and precipitation to fall to the earth.

Most of the people confuse weather and climate with each other but both are actually different. Climate means a location is hot, cold, wet or dry. It can be defined as the average weather conditions for a specific region over an extended period of time. The climate of any place is determined by two main factors that are temperature and precipitation. The earth is divided into three major climate zones based on the average temperature of these zones. These are tropical, temperate and polar zones.

Have you ever been in a situation where the weather forecast called for sunny sky yet it ended up raining all day? The job of predicting weather accurately is a difficult one because our atmosphere is constantly changing. In order to predict weather accurately for the hours and days ahead, weather forecasters must analyse information they receive from a number of sources including local weather observers, weather balloons, weather stations and satellites.



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