Best Wind Energy Video for Kids

This easy to understand video explains a lot of interesting facts about wind energy.

                                       Wind Energy Facts

Wind energy can get converted into mechanical energy, move boats and generate electricity. Wind energy is a comparatively cheaper and easily available alternate of fuel resource. It is being used since old times. Wind I something that is generated by the movement of air from high pressure areas to comparatively low pressure areas. It is caused by uneven heating of the Earth’s surface by the Sun. Wind energy is a never ending resource. It can be renewed time to time. It does not pollute the environment.

If multiple wind turbines are placed at same place, then that is called wind farms. Generally, wind farms are created to trap wind energy. It is the safest and cleanest method of trapping wind energy. Wind farms are used to generate large amount of electricity power. First ever wind mills were developed in Persia and China. Earlier, wind energy was used by farmers to pump water and grind grains.

This method is so much popular because it is less expensive and cleaner source of energy. It is the fastest growing process of electricity production. This process does not require water. Most of the Modern wind turbine comprises of 3 blades. They reach at a speed of 200 mph. The world’s largest wind mill is in Hawaii, US. High installation cost is the major drawback of this method. Albert Betz discovered the main concept off wind energy.