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About this Biggest Dinosaur Video

This video is all about the biggest dinosaur currently known; the Amphicoelias. You will learn from this video how this dinosaur is almost unknown because there is very little information found about them. Find out some fun facts about this dinosaur like how the only known fossil of the Amphicoelias was lost in the late 19th century, how the preserved information about it was used to make a possible measure of the Amphicoalias’ weight and how this dinosaur is probably the longest, biggest and heaviest dinosaur that ever lived. You will learn about how this dinosaur can reach double the length of a blue whale, how it weighed 130 tons and how its size is compared with other large dinosaurs like the Supersaurus and the Argentinosaurus.

This is an incredible Biggest Dinosaur facts for kids video and significantly enhance all your kids’s general knowledge Biggest Dinosaur.

This Biggest Dinosaur video is instructional for youngsters, from those kids engaged in early learning programs for pre-K kids, until grade 5, clearly along with preschoolers children and children schooled in your home.

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