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An American black bear

Black bears worksheet – Get FREE easy science worksheets to download and to print. This easy science worksheet is a printable FREE hidden word puzzle game for kids. Best age group is pre-K to grade 5 grammar school kids.

Pre-K and kindergarten kids will enjoy the Black Bear Worksheet as a listening comprehension game. Elementary School kids will be able to use this free science worksheet as a reading comprehension activity, having fun doing the black bear word seek puzzle game while learning fun facts about black bears.

This activity sheet on Small Timid Bears is a great and fun way for kids to read and know more information about the Black Bear.

This kind of omnivores bears are wild animals that are small and timid. These bears are omnivores. They are called omnivorous bears (or omnivores bears), because they love eating plants and small animals. Black bears love to swim. Although they are called black-bear, some of them are not black in color; but are red, brown and even white.

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FREE Black Bear Worksheet for Kids

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Download FREE Black Bear Worksheet for kids
Download the FREE Black Bear Worksheet for Kids!



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