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                                                     Solar Flares

The Sun has some very interesting features like sunspots, solar flares etc. There are times when specific areas on the sun appear much brighter. These bright areas are known as solar flares. They emit huge electromagnetic radiation which includes high energy X-rays and gamma rays. They are often followed by a large ejection of plasma from the surface of the Sun called a Coronal Mass Ejection. These flares are very sudden and intense as well. They cannot be seen by naked human eye. Watching them with any observation aid can damage eyes permanently.

Quick Facts: –

  • There are three different stages in a typical solar flare which are the precursor stage, the impulsive stage and the decay stage.
  • The aurora borealis and the aurora australis are the results of energetic particles in the magnetosphere.
  • British astronomer Richard Carrington and an observer Richard Hodgson observed the first and also the most powerful solar flare on September 1, 1859.
  • These flares cause enhanced radio absorption in the D layer of Earth’s ionosphere as result, interfering with GPS signals and shortwave reception.
  • A typical solar flare can have a surface temperature of several million Kelvin which is almost as hot as the core of the Sun.
  • These flares generally occur where the magnetic fields are higher but the reason of their occurrence is still not entirely clear.
  • To detect the solar flares, specialized instruments are required. To see them, optical telescopes are used.
  • On the basis of their strength, these flares are categorized in three types which are X-class, M-class and C-class. The most powerful type of flares is X-class flares.


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