Blue Whale Facts Video for Kids

                                              Blue Whale

Blue whale is the largest animal on the planet. It can be found in all oceans of the world. They usually spend the summer in arctic water and shift to southern warm water during winter times. They are very old creatures. They exist on the earth for about 54 million years.

Fast facts: –

  • They can reach up to 100 feet in length and 150 tons in weight. Their length equals the length of two buses and their weight equals the weight of around 30 adult elephants.
  • Their tongue alone can weigh equal to an elephant.
  • They evolved from hippopotamuses. They developed streamlined shape, transformed their front limbs into fins, reduced their hind legs and developed strong and wide tail.
  • Around 100 people can fit into the mouth of a blue whale, and yet it eats one of the smallest animals on the planet – Krill.
  • They are filter-feeders. They swallow huge amount of water with krill and filter the food from water. Instead of teeth, they have plates made of keratin. These plates are called baleen, which act like a comb. They release swallowed water and keep the krill inside the mouth.
  • A blue whale eats about 4-6 tons of krill every day.
  • They swim 5 miles per hour but they increase the speed to 30 miles per hour when threatened.
  • Blue whales sleep while swimming. They use only half of their brain while sleeping.
  • They are the loudest animal on the planet. They communicate via songs.
  • Besides humans, the only predators of blue whale are Orcas and great white sharks.
  • Their gestation period is about 10-12 months.
  • A blue whale can live between 80 to 90 years in the wild.