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The have short, bobbed tails, which is why they’re called bobcats

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Fun FREE Bobcats Worksheet – This Free to download science kids worksheet is a fun way for kids to learn about bobcats.

This science activity sheet for kids is suitable for Primary & Grammar school kids in Grades 1-5 as well as Kindergarten and Pre-K kids.

Primary school kids can enjoy this bobcats worksheet as a reading comprehension activity. Kindergarten and Pre-K kids can use it as listening comprehension tool.

Download our FREE science activity sheet for kids on Bobcats word search puzzle game for kids and use it by printing it for your kids at home or in school.

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This bobcats worksheet has a section with a fun word searching game as well as a hidden-and-missing-word game. Kids will enjoy using this worksheet to learn fun facts all about Bobcats as well as to develop their natural curiosity to discover more information about these bob tails cats and other creatures around them.

Bobbed tailed cats are small wild cats which eat hares and rabbits. Their scientific name is Lynx Rufus. Why are bobcats called bobbed tail cats? Their name comes from the look of their tails which appears to be cut or “bobbed”.

Download the bobbed tailed cats worksheet to learn more fun facts about bobcats!

FREE Printable Bobcats Worksheet for Kids

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FREE to download Bobcats Worksheet for Kids
FREE to download Bobcats Worksheet for Kids


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