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Bobcats – The Bobbed Tails Cats

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You probably don’t have lions or cheetahs in your backyard, but how about small wild cats? Bobcats live in almost every state in the U.S. so you just might have one as a neighbor. These small cats have short, bobbed tails, which is why they’re called bobcats.

Baby Bobcat Image - Science for Kids All About Bobcats

All About Bobcats: The have short, bobbed tails, which is why they’re called bobcats.

Bobcats have brown or reddish fur with black markings. They look a little like an ordinary house cat, but they’re a lot bigger. Bobcats like to eat rabbits, birds and bats. In the winter, they sometimes eat deer. And if a farm or ranch is nearby, they’ll steal a chicken, lamb or small pig from time to time.

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Main Features of Bobcats Image

The main features all about bobcats.

Of course, farmers don’t appreciate having their livestock stolen. In the U.S., bobcats are protected, but Mexican farmers trap, poison or kill bobcats to keep them off their land.

Fun Facts about Bobcats for Kids

  • Bobcats live almost anywhere. They live in forests, mountains, woodland areas and deserts.
  • Bobcats quietly sneak up on prey and then pounce!
  • Bobcats live alone except when they mate. Each bobcat has an area of land that it protects. Other bobcats avoid this land.
  • Bobcats have one main den in their territory and several smaller dens. The main den is often in a cave. Smaller dens might just be a few rocks or an old tree stump.
Bobcat Eating a Rat Image

Bobcats like to eat rabbits, birds and bats or even rats

Bobcat Vocabulary

  1. Bobbed: Cut short
  2. Neighbor: Someone living nearby
  3. Woodland: An area with trees; not as dense as a forest
  4. Territory: A specific area
  5. Den: A cave or shelter

Learn More All About Bobcats

Have a look at this video documentary all about bobcats:

A video documentary about the characteristics and behavior of bobcats.

Bobcat Q&A

Question: How many kittens do bobcats have at once?

Answer: Usually between 1 and 3.


Question: When do bobcats have kittens?

Answer: Usually in the spring. The kittens stay with their mothers until the fall.


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