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Caves – Mysterious and Intriguing

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Have you ever explored a cave? Caves are dark and interesting. You might imagine animals or people that have been in the cave before you. But have you ever wondered how a cave is made? Caves are usually made when water runs over soft rock, such as limestone.

The acid in the water slowly eats away the limestone, making a hole. The hole gets larger and larger. If the water finds a new path, the cave is left dry.

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All About Caves - the Dark Mysterious Underground Rooms of the Italian Cascata Varone Waterfall Caves, near the Riva di Garda.

All About Caves – the Dark, Mysterious Underground Rooms of the Italian Cascata Varone Waterfall Caves, near the Riva di Garda.

Caves can also be created when hot lava melts rocks, forming holes. Occasionally, the ceiling of a cave collapses, leaving a huge room or cavern. Tidal waters along a coast can carve out caves.

Fun Facts About Caves for Kids

  • Dripping water contains lime, or calcium bicarbonate. Over hundreds of years, the lime builds up and hardens, becoming stalactites.
  • Sometimes stalagmites grow up from the floor of a cave. In all cases, these sculptures are caused by mineral deposits that have hardened.
  • Speleology is the study of caves. Would you like to be a speleologist?
  • Caves provide shelter for many animals, such as bats, insects and hibernating mammals.
  • Caves also provide shelter for humans.
  • A cave is also called a cavern.
  • Exploring caves is called caving, potholing, or spelunking.

Caves Vocabulary

  1. Limestone: soft, sedimentary rock
  2. Acid: a strong substance that can dissolve other materials
  3. Tidal water: Waters coming in from the ocean
  4. Collapse: fall or crumble
  5. Speleologist: someone who studies caves

All About Caves Video for Kids

Here’s a great video for kids on Caves:

Caves Q&A

Question: Are caves dangerous?

Answer: Caves can be dangerous because they can collapse and it’s hard to breathe in them. Because they’re dark and twisted, it’s easy to become lost. Never explore a cave without an adult.


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