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Find out some fun facts about bottlenose dolphins with this good video. You will learn how bottlenose dolphins are the most well known members of the dolphin family, and how they are famously known to be intelligent creatures and stars of many aquarium shows. You will also be learning how the male dolphins can grow up between 96 and 150 inches long while the female dolphins are between 89 and 145 inches, how they can reach up to 1,100 kg in weight, how they have 18 to 28 conical teeth on each side of their jaw, and how the rounded region of a dolphin’s forehead is called “the melon”. Learn more interesting facts about the bottlenose dolphins’ anatomy, habitat and behavior with this video.

Watch this helpful Bottlenose Dolphin facts for kids video and significantly deepen your kids’ attraction to Bottlenose Dolphin Facts.

This Bottlenose Dolphin Facts video is targeted for young kids, from those engaged in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten children, leading to kids in elementary school, naturally also preschoolers youngsters and children who are schooled from home.

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