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Brachiosaurus Facts for Kids Video


                                          Brachiosaurus Facts

The name Brachiosaurus has been derived from Greek words which mean ‘arm’ and ‘lizard’. These giraffe like dinosaurus belong to Sauropod family and they were famous for reaching incredible sizes. They lived in a part of the earth which is now known as North America. In 1990, the first fossils of Brachiosaurus were found in Colorado River of the United States of America.

Fast Facts: –

  • Elmer Riggs was the first one to describe Brachiosaurus as the largest known dinosaur in 1903.
  • Brachiosaurus were quadrupedal. They walked on four legs.
  • They were plant eaters and feed on vegetation high above the ground.
  • They lived in the late Jurassic Period, about 154 million years ago.
  • Brachiosaurus were slightly different from other Sauropods. Their frond legs were longer than their back legs. They had shorter tails than other Sauropods.
  • Till now, only one skull of Brachiosaurus has been found.
  • They could reach up to 85 feet in length and weighed about 60 tons.
  • Brachiosaurus required around 600 pounds of food everyday to survive.
  • They had thick jaw bones with 52 spoon shaped teeth.
  • Scientists believed that brachiosaurus was a gigantotherm. That means it was neither warm blooded nor clod blooded. It was somewhere between both of them.


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