Bran Castle – Romania

Bran Castle is a fortress located in central Romania along the border of historic regions Transylvania and Wallachia. It is a national monument and landmark. It is also known by some other names including Dracula’s Castle and Bran Fortress. It is situated on a cliff at an elevation of 762 meters and is surrounded by valleys and hills.

An act passed by Louis I of Hungary on November 19, 1377 is known to have first documented the castle. This act gave the Saxons of Kronstadt the privilege to build the stone castle.


Quick Facts: –

  • The construction of Bran Castle started in 1377 and it was completed in 1382.
  • The purpose of this castle was to develop important customs-points into Transylvania and to strengthen the Southern borders of the emerging state.
  • The strength of this fortress was directly linked to the well being of the city of Brasov and also the other way round.
  • The castle was mortgaged to the town of Brasov in 1500 by King Wladyshaw of the Maygar, then owner of the castle.
  • The fortress was used as a customs-house by the people of Brasov.
  • The castle has narrow stairways that lead through the rooms. There are a total of 60 rooms made of timber.
  • There is a luscious courtyard that is located in the center of the castle.
  • There is a small chapel on the southern side of the castle wall. It was built in 1940 in memory of Queen Marie.
  • This structure is an incredible example of Romanian fortitude and heritage, bringing in 500,000 visitors a year.