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Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge opened on May 24, 1883. It is one of the most famous landmarks in New York and connected Manhattan with Brooklyn for the first time. Before the bridge Brooklyn was not a part of New York. The total length of this bridge is 5,989 feet, width 85 feet and height above mean water is 276.5 feet.

John Augustus Roebling designed this suspension bridge. This bridge transports 120,000 vehicles and pedestrians every day. It remained the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1903.

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Quick Facts: –

  • On Memorial Day, a week after the opening of bridge, a panic started over a rumor that it was about to collapse. There were 20,000 people on the bridge and 12 were crushed to death.
  • It took approximately 14 years, the labor of 600 men and over $15 million to construct the bridge.
  • Designer of the bridge, John Augustus Roebling wouldn’t live to see its completion. He passed away in July 1969 due to tetanus caused after an accident.
  • His son, Washington Roebling took over after his death.
  • Emily Warren Roebling, wife of Washington Roebling steeped in when he fell ill. She was known as the ‘first women field engineer’.
  • It was the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge. John Roebling is credited with steel-wire innovation into bridge design.
  • On the opening day, 1800 vehicles crossed the bridge.
  • An entrepreneurial showman P.T. Barnum took 21 elephants over the bridge in May 1884 to convince commuters about its safety.
  • The total length of wire used in the bridge is more than 14,000 miles. Every cable is made up of 19 strands and each strand has 278 separate wires.
  • The bridge rises about 3 inches if the weather is too cold.



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