Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opened to the public in 1937. A railroad executive laid out plans for a bridge that would span the Golden Gate Strait. Today, the bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of the United States.

The first design, proposed in 1921 was much different from what we have today but the construction finally began in 1933. That design was produced by chief engineer Joseph Strauss and rejected universally. It was functional but not elegant. It took approximately 4 years to build.


Facts you didn’t know: –      

  • The construction of the bridge was managed with a high concern for safety. All the workers were required to wear hard hats and glare free goggles at all times.
  • Workers had to go on a special diet to prevent dizziness and use face and hand cream to protect their skin from harsh winds.
  • Strauss used an innovative safety net worth $130,000 to suspend under the bridge deck to catch workers who may slip and fall while working. A total of 19 workers were saved by this net.
  • The celebration of opening of the bridge lasted a week.
  • A total of 11 men died during the construction of the bridge. Ten of them died on the same day.
  • It is named after the Golden Strait, which is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean.
  • The US navy wanted the Golden Gate Bridge to be painted in black and have yellow stripes but the consulting architect, Irving Morrow disagreed. In the end, he settled on International Orange.
  • The main span of the bridge is 4,200 feet which was the longest for a suspension bridge until 1964.
  • The bridge has been featured in a lot of movies like: – The Maltese Falcon, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Interview with the Vampire and The Rock.