Cell Phone for Kids Facts Video

                                               Cell Phone Facts

The cell phone became an important part of our lives now and we cannot even think of our daily routine without it. This amazing invention made our lives much simpler. Cell phone industry is also the fastest growing industry in the world. The very first mobile phone was Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X. It was invented by Martin Cooper in the year 1973. The first ever mobile phones went on sale in the US in 1983. The price of this phone was $4000. Nokia 1100 was the best-selling electrical gadget in the history with more than 250 million pieces sold. Approximately 70% of mobile phones are manufactured in China.

Quick Facts: –

  • Approximately 90% of cell phones in Japan are waterproof because Most of the Japanese people use their phone even in the shower.
  • In the year 2012, Apple sold about 37.04 million iPhones in a year. It results in 4 phones in one second.
  • Our modern cell phones have more computing power as compared to the computer used for Apollo 11 mission.
  • An average mobile phone has 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle.
  • More than 80% of adults in the US own and use a mobile phone.
  • Scientists have developed a technique by using which you can charge your mobile phone with your urine.
  • An average person unlocks his phone about 110 times in a single day.
  • Sonim XP3300 Force is recognized as the toughest phone, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It survived an 84 feet drop.
  • The iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the costliest phone in the world till now. It cost $15 million.
  • The first smartphone of the world debuted in 1993. It was designed by IBM and had an LCD touch screen display.
  • The highest ever mobile phone bill is 142,000 pounds by Celina Aarons.