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Cheetah Facts for Kids Video


                                                 Cheetah Facts

The Cheetah is the fastest moving land animal. They inhabit the grasslands, savannahs and mountain terrain. They are one of the big cat family.

Fast facts: –

  • They have enlarged nostrils to fulfil their extra oxygen requirement.
  • They have oversized lungs.
  • They smaller in size as compare to other big cats.
  • They cannot roar like other animal in the big cat family. Then purr like house cats.
  • They can run up to 75mph.
  • A Cheetah can even sprint mid air.
  • They have poor night vision and unlike lions and leopards, they hunt in day time. But they do have amazing eyesight in day time.
  • They have long legs which help them with their speed.
  • They have unique black marks called as ‘tear stripes’. It starts from their eyes to their nose. These marks help them to stay protected from harsh sunlight.
  • Cheetahs have a gestation period of around 3 months and a female cheetah can give birth to 2-4 cubs at once.
  • They can mate throughout the year.
  • Baby cheetahs have long hair called mantle, starting on the top of their head and ends at their back. These hair work as camouflage and help them to hide in grass when attacked by a predator.
  • Cheetahs use various facial expressions to signal their mood.
  • They cannot climb a tree.




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