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                                              Facts about Clocks

A clock can be defined as a device that tells the time. The term ‘clock’ has been derived from the Dutch word ‘glock’. Thomas Nash was the first clockmaker of America in records. There are various types of clocks which include Analog clock, Digital clock, Sundial, Sandglass etc. Sundials were used to tell the time before the invention of mechanical clocks. The earliest use of sundial dates back to 1,500 BCE. An institution in Colorado created a clock that is used for internet time. It is so accurate that it will not lose or gain a second in even 20 million years.

Quick Facts: –

  • Analog clocks use angles to tell time. These clocks have hands rotating around the clock’s face.
  • Digital clocks have LCD and LED displays and use numbers to show the time.
  • The first mechanical clocks used moving gears that were used to progress the hour pointing hand.
  • The oldest clock in the world was created in the year 1386. It is located in Salisbury, England.
  • Christian Huygens is credited with the invention of the pendulum clock in 1656.
  • Most of the clock dials have Latin words ‘Tempus Fugit’ that is commonly mistaken for the brand name but this phrase actually means ‘time flies’.
  • The term “o’clock” came into use in early 18th It is an abbreviation ‘of the clock’.
  • World’s first minute hand was invented by a mathematician and Swiss clockmaker Jost Burgi in the year 1577.
  • The first ever mechanical alarm clock was invented in the year 1787 by a clockmaker Levi Hutchins.
  • Old penny coins are used to keep London’s Big Ben clock.
  • In the present time, telephone companies do have their own atomic clocks to keep their computers in sync with each other.
  • In the late 18th century, the British government imposed a hefty tax on every clock in use, even in private home under the term ‘Parliament Clock Tax’.
  • In China, if you gift a clock to someone that it signifies the end of the relationship or even end of the receiver’s life. A clock is one of their unlucky objects.


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