What is a Zoologist Video for Kids

This video answers all the questions about zoologists.

                                     What is a Zoologist?

A zoologist is a person who studies all the things about animals like- their behaviour, genetic, origin, development of species and health. They can be called as life scientists. Some of them work at zoo, participating in the direct care of animals. They also help to develop educational materials for zoo staff or visitors. It is not necessary that zoologist will work outside with animals. Sometimes they work in laboratory and study certain biological aspects of animals. Some of them work as professors at universities or college and teach the entire subject. A person can become a zoologist if he has a love for animals. Their main job is to observe animals carefully that can prove a time consuming process. So being patient is the most important requirement for this field.

There are different types of zoologists: –

  • Mammalogist: – who studies about mammals
  • Entomologist: – who studies about insects
  • Ornithologist: – who studies about birds
  • Herpetologist: – who studies about reptiles
  • Ichthyologist: -who studies about fishes

Possible job duties of a zoologist: –

  • Observe the health of animals and make recovery plans for them.
  • Get involved in conversations with public about wildlife.
  • Arrange and supervise experimental studies.