Learn About Bees Video for Kids

                                                     Bees Facts

Bees are the only insects in the world that make honey in the form of food which is edible for humans as well. Honey bees are super important in pollination of flowers, fruits and vegetables. They generally live in hives or colonies. A hive has 3 types of bees: –

  • Queen: – Queen Bee runs the entire hive and lay eggs. These eggs will become the next bee generation of that hive. Lifespan of a queen bee ranges between 1-4 years.
  • Worker Bees: – All worker bees are females. Their job is to forage for food by pollination.
  • Drones: – Male bees are known as drones. They are kept in the hive during the spring and summer with a purpose to Mate with the queen. In winter, all the males are kicked off.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • If the Queen bee of a hive dies than worker bees will select a young larvae and feed it a special food called ‘royal jelly’. This food helps the larvae to develop in to a fertile queen.
  • A bee can fly at a speed of 25 kph.
  • A honeybee has 170 odorant receptors. This one serious sense of smell is used to communicate within the hive.
  • Brain of a bee has about 900 cells.
  • An average worker bee produces only 1/12 part of a tablespoon of honey in its entire lifetime.
  • In the summer months, queen bee lays up to 2,500 eggs in one single day.
  • A honeybee has two separate stomachs, one is for food and another one is for nectar collected from flowers.
  • They have 5 eyes, 2 compound eyes and 3 tiny ocelli eyes.
  • Proboscis, tongue of a bee has a straw like structure and helps it to suck up liquids.