Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts for Kids Video

                                     Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

T Rex is an abbreviation of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tyrannosaurus is a Greek word which means ‘Tyrant Lizard’ and Rex is a Latin word which means ‘king’. It lived in an area of earth which is now known as western North America. T Rex is one of the largest dinosaurs that ever lived.

Quick Facts: –

  • This fierce carnivore could eat up to 200 kg of meat in one bite.
  • They could reach up to 40 feet in length and can weigh up to 8 tons.
  • T Rex was a bipedal dinosaur. It had two legs which were strong enough to carry its weight.
  • It had very strong but relatively small arms to seize the prey.
  • All the T Rex skulls which have been found are about 5 feet long.
  • T Rex had a lifespan of about 30 years.
  • The most expensive and about 85% complete T Rex Fossil is ‘Sue’. The Chicago museum purchased it for $8 million.
  • It had serrated, conical teeth which were helpful to make a tighter grip on prey.
  • T Rex had a relatively large brain that would have helped it hunt better.
  • There is still some confusion that whether T Rex was a predator or a scavenger.