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Different Types of Engineering Video for Kids


                                      Different Types of Engineering

The word engineer has been derived from a Latin word that means ‘cleverness’. An engineer is a person who solves practical or technical problems with the help of calculative and logical skills. The field engineering is the use of Science and Math to design or create things. It is a broad field that is categorized in different speciality. Work of different engineers depends on their respective field.

Types of Engineering: –

  • Computer Engineering: – This field combines computer science and electronic engineering to design various things, from a microprocessor to supercomputers.
  • Civil Engineering: – Civil engineers are responsible for designing and construction of buildings, bridges roads etc. It is one of the basic forms of engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering: – These engineers deal with the application of mechanical power and designing and construction of complex system, tools and machines.
  • Electrical Engineering: – This field includes the study of electricity and electrical systems. Electrical engineering is further divided in different streams like: – electronics, signal processing, control system etc.
  • Aerospace Engineering: – Aerospace engineering is all about the design and construction of planes and air shuttles. Most of the people confuse Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering with each other but in actual, they are different.
  • Chemical Engineering: – This field of engineering involves the science to process raw materials and chemicals into useful forms.
  • Agricultural Engineering: – These engineers apply engineering to the agricultural industry for better results. All these techniques are used in soil conservation, irrigation, ground preparation etc.
  • Automotive Engineering: – This field includes the study of designing and production of vehicles. It is a hugely diverse industry.
  • Metallurgical Engineering: – Metallurgical engineering is all about extracting and purifying metals and minerals from ore. Various processing techniques are developed.


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