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                                  Mechanical Engineering Fun Facts

There are many different types of engineering and Mechanical engineering is one of the most fascinating fields. Mechanical engineering is further divided in various sub fields like: – Combustion, Acoustics, Robotics, Automatic Control, Manufacturing and Maintenance, System and Control etc. The basic task of mechanical engineers is to design and develop new systems and technologies that can be used to extend our physical abilities and simplify our lives.

A Mechanical engineer is responsible for a lot of things in our daily life like: –

  • Designing a safety harness for rides in amusement parks
  • Functionality of solar panels on a space telescope
  • Designing and development of surgical robots to improve the process
  • Development of carbon fiber prosthetic blades for high speed running

Major achievements in the field of mechanical engineering: –

  • Wind and Water Turbines
  • Steam Engines
  • Internal Combustion Engines

Fun Facts: –

  • The Traub is the rarest motorcycle in the entire world. It can be dated back to 1916 and still runs to this day.
  • Most of the cars fake engine noise through speakers. These modern engines are quite silent and do not make any noise.
  • There was an engineer behind the invention of snowboard.
  • The cruise control was invented by a blind mechanical engineer, Ralph Teetor.


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