Insects for Kids – Video for Kids

                                            Facts about Insects

Insects play a vital role in keeping our ecosystems healthy. They enrich our soil by breaking down organic matter. It is believed that there are total more than 9 million different species of insects in the world. You can find them almost everywhere you look. An insect has three parts: – head, abdomen and thorax. It has two antennas and three pairs of legs. They are cold blooded. Most of the people consider spiders as insects but they are not. There are 1900 different types of edible insects in the world. Crickets are considered a delicacy in Uganda. There are more insects in the world than any other group of animals.

Quick Facts: –

  • Insects have their skeleton on the outside with their soft parts inside.
  • Sphinx moths or hawk moths are considered as the fastest insects. They have a speed of 53km/hour.
  • Most insects hatch from eggs.
  • Insects eat by either chewing their food or sucking it up.
  • The praying mantis or Mantodea is the only insect that can turn its head through 180 degrees.
  • Insects can be found on every continent, even on Antarctica.
  • They do not breathe through their mouth.
  • They have compound eyes that consist of many individual visual units called ommatidia.
  • Meganeuropsis or the griffin fly is the largest insect ever known to have terrorized our planet.
  • Butterflies can remember things they learnt as caterpillars.
  • Onthophagus Taurus or also known as horned dung beetle is considered as the strongest insect on the planet.
  • All bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs.
  • Bees can be found on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Only make crickets can chirp.