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The king cobra, the world’s largest poisonous snake, can grow 18 feet long!
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Cobras Activity Sheet – Download one of our fun free easy science worksheets for kids. This venomous snake worksheet is suitable for Pre-K, Kindergarten & Grammar school kids in 1st Grade to 5th Grade.

The Cobra poisonous snake activity sheet is free to print and download.

Our Cobra activity sheet includes a missing word search game as well as a hidden word puzzle game for kids.

Preschool kids can enjoy this easy science worksheet about Cobra snakes as a listening comprehension tool.

Grammar & Primary school kids can not only learn fun facts about cobra for kids, but can also enjoy the hidden words game as a reading comprehension activity.

Our fun Science facts for Kids website offers many free easy science worksheets for kids, downloadable science activity sheets and free hidden and missing word search puzzle games.

Cobras are venomous snakes and they can spit venom up to 8 feet. The king cobra is the world’s largest poisonous snake. The King Cobra can grow up to 18 feet and it’s venom is powerful enough to kill 20 men or an elephant. Snake charmers can hypnotize Cobra snakes by playing a magical tune on their flute.

Want to discover more fun facts about Cobra snakes? Download the FREE easy science worksheet.

FREE Cobras Easy Science Worksheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Cobras Worksheet!
Download the FREE Cobras Worksheet!


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