Cockatoos Activity Sheet – Free Easy Science Find the Hidden Words Game

Cockatoos Quiz
Cockatoos Quiz

Cockatoos Activity Sheet – Download this fun FREE easy science find the hidden words puzzle game for kids. The Cockatoo bird easy science activity sheet is suitable for Pre-K kids, Kindergarten kids and Grammar school kids in Grades 1-5. The Cockatoo worksheet is downloadable and printable.

Educators can use this free science activity sheet to teach kids fun facts about the cockatoo.

Parents can use the cockatoos activity sheet as a fun and an easy way to get your child’s attention during science enrichment classes or homeschooling.

Pre-K and Kindergarten kids who cannot yet read & write, can enjoy the hidden and missing word puzzle and the hidden words game as a listening comprehension while learning easy information about Cockatoos.

Grammar & Elementary school kids can enjoy this free printable hidden words game puzzle as a reading comprehension worksheet. is a great parent and teacher resource for free science printables, hidden words games, word search puzzles and easy science fun facts.

The Cockatoo are the loudest parrots belonging to the bird family. The Cockatoos diet consist of fruits, nuts and insects. Cockatoos are popular pets because they are smart, curious and funny. Some people in Australia believe that the red-tailed black Cockatoo brings rain.

Discover more fun facts by downloading this free Cockatoos activity sheet!

FREE Cockatoos Easy Science Activity Sheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Cockatoos Worksheet!
Download the FREE Cockatoos Worksheet!


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