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Cologne Cathedral  

Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Cologne, Germany. With a height of 157.25 meters, it is the second highest cathedral in Germany and the third-highest in the world. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne.

It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. It covers approximately 86,111 square feet of floor space. The construction started in August 1248 and took more than six centuries to get completed and it was finished in 1880.


Quick Facts: –

  • During the World War II, Cologne Cathedral was hit by 14 aerial bombs and approximately 70 firebombs but the building did not fall.
  • This cathedral was originally built to house the Three Wise Men’s Shrine.
  • At 157.38 meters the North Tower of the structure is 7 centimeters taller than the South Tower.
  • The cathedral includes the Gero Cross. It dates back to the year 970, which makes it the oldest crucifix for its size.
  • The color of the structure was not always this dark grey. The sandstone used in the exterior of the building turned grey after reacting with sulphuric acid in the rain.
  • The Cologne Cathedral is still the tallest building in Cologne after the telecommunication tower.
  • Similar to other Gothic cathedrals, the plan for this structure was also to be in the shape of a Latin cross.
  • In terms of the ground plan and style etc. this cathedral closely resembles Amiens Cathedral.



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