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                                                    Comet Facts

A comet can be defined as a very small body in solar system which is made up of ice mixed with dust and rock. Most of the comets are not larger than a few kilometres across. The main part of a comet is known as nucleus that contains water, ice and some gases like: – nitrogen, methane etc.

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Quick Facts:-

  • Comets have their origin in Oort cloud and Kuiper Belt and generally orbit the Sun. These orbits are usually elliptical.
  • The closest point in a comet’s orbit is known as ‘perihelion’ and the most distant point is known as ‘aphelion’.
  • A comet has two tails, a dust tail and a plasma tail. Dust tail can be easily seen with human naked eye but plasma tail can be photographed only. It is not visible to human eye.
  • There are two major types of comets: – periodic and non-periodic.
  • A comet develops an atmosphere or a coma as it comes near to sun. This atmosphere gets developed because of the heat it is getting from the Sun.
  • There are total 5,253 known comets in the solar system.
  • A comet is also known as a dirty snowball.
  • Short period comets are originated from Kuiper Belt and long period comets are originated from Oort cloud.
  • Halley’s Comet is the most popular periodic comet which is named after Sir Edmond Halley.
  • There are evidences that comets cannot support life.
  • When a comet comes close to the sun, it loses its mass due to the heat it gets from Sun. This process is known as Sublimation.
  • Comets absorbs almost 96% of light that falls on them, rest is reflected.



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