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The Seasons
The Seasons

The Comoros is a country made of three islands set in the Mozambique Channel between Tanzania and Mozambique. The islands were colonies of France until 1974. After gaining independence, the country has endured more than 30 years of political chaos.

The Comoros are tropical islands with beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, the potential for political violence keeps tourists away. Comoros is sometimes called the “perfume islands” because many flowers and spices used in making perfume are grown here. Vanilla is another major crop.

Fun Geography for Kids on Comoros – Flag of a  Comoros

Fun Facts

  • 773,000 people live in Comoros.
  • The country has 719 square miles of land.
  • Major languages include French, Arabic and Comoran.
  • Islam is the main religion.
  • The life expectancy is 62 years, longer than most countries in Africa.


  1. Colony: an area ruled by another country
  2. Chaos: disorganization, disruption, confusion
  3. Potential: possibility
  4. Tourist: a visitor or vacationer

Learn More

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Extra Credit

Question: Does Comoros grow enough food for its people?

Answer: Comoros receives money and food from other countries every year. Many people leave Comoros to work elsewhere. They send money back to their families.