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Connecticut was the first place to serve hamburgers, open a library, and publish a telephone book. This small New England state borders Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Its picturesque beaches are a popular summer destination for tourists.

Fun Facts

  • In 1635, English Puritans came from Massachusetts to establish settlements in Connecticut; before that, Dutch explorers build trading posts along the Connecticut coast.
  • In 1639, settlers in Connecticut wrote the Connecticut Fundamental Orders, which established a democratic system of government there. This document was later used as a model for writing the constitution.
  • Connecticut might be the birthplace of insurance companies in America. After the Revolutionary War, businessmen offered to “insure” ship cargoes in exchange for a share of the profit. Later, other insurance companies opened. People could buy protection for their homes and personal belongings. Today, more than 100 insurance companies remain in Connecticut.
  • Connecticut has always been a hub of industry. During the war, the state produced weapons and military supplies. Today, it produces machinery, computers, electronics, ships, and scientific instruments. Many printing and bookmaking businesses are found here too.
  • Farmers grow corn, fruits, vegetables, and tobacco and also raise sheep, pigs, cattle, and poultry. Fishermen make a living catching fish, lobsters, and shellfish.
  • In 1895, Louis Lassen served the first American hamburger at his lunch wagon in New Haven. Ever frugal, he ground up leftover beef, grilled it, and served it on bread.
  • The first telephone book was published in New Haven, Connecticut in 1878. The book contained only 50 names.

Connecticut Quick Stats

  • Population: 3,575,000
  • State bird: Robin
  • State plant: Mountain laurel
  • Capital: Hartford (population, 124,775)
  • Largest city: Bridgeport (population, 144,229)
  • the first explorer of the Connecticut Valley: Adriaen Block
  • Admission to union: January 9, 1788

Questions and Answers

Question: Was Connecticut really the first place to have public libraries?

Answer: The Scoville Memorial Library opened in 1771 when Richard Smith purchased 200 books in London, using contributions from the community. In 1810, the community voted to use town money to buy more books.

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