Atlantic Ocean Facts for Kids Video

                                           Atlantic Ocean Facts

The word Atlantic has been derived from the Greek word ‘Atlantikos’ which means ‘Sea of Atlas’. Atlantic Ocean covers approximately 25% of the earth’s surface. It is the second largest ocean of the world after Pacific Ocean. It separates North America and South America from Europe and Africa. It is the first ocean ever to be crossed by a ship or flown over by a plane.

Quick Facts: –

  • Atlantic Ocean is believed to have been formed during the Jurassic Period. It is only about 150 million years ago.
  • The Atlantic Ridge is an underwater mountain range which is located in northern Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bermuda Triangle is also located in Atlantic Ocean. This triangular area is responsible for mysterious shipwrecks, aircraft crashes and other disappearances.
  • Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest point of Atlantic.
  • It is the world’s saltiest sea with a water salinity level of around 35 parts per thousand.
  • The area covered by this ocean has the richest fishing resources of world.
  • The average depth of Atlantic Ocean is 11,000 feet.
  • There are a lot of unusual creatures that can be found in Atlantic Ocean, like: – Humpback Whale, dolphin, turtles, sea lions etc.
  • In 1912, Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg.
  • The Sargasso Sea, located in Atlantic Ocean is famous for its floating seaweed. It is the only sea which is situated completely within the Atlantic Ocean and does not have any shore.
  • Atlantic Ocean is connected to the Pacific Ocean by way of the manmade Panama Canal. Its actual entrance is located in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Diamonds can be found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Southern Africa. They can be scooped from the sea bed.
  • For the floor mapping of Atlantic Ocean, scientists use Sonar Waves.