Bermuda Triangle Facts for Kids Video

                                         Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is the greatest mystery which is still unsolved. It is also called Devil’s Triangle. It is a strange area in triangle shape on the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. In this area, ships, aircrafts are said to disappear mysteriously. This triangle is not small. It covers around 450,000 miles in the sea. It is not a fixed area. Its effect can be experienced outside the triangle. Gulf Stream is near the triangle that gets rid of detritus of planes and ships that disappeared. An electronic fog also has been experienced in the triangle. Some assume that it is a time travel tunnel. Christopher Columbus was the first person to bring this triangle in notice.

There is a long list of aircrafts and ships that have been disappeared mysteriously in the Devil’s Triangle: –

  • Flight 19
  • PBM Martin Mariner
  • Tudor Star Tiger
  • Fight DC-3
  • C-54 Skymaster
  • Mary Celeste
  • Marine Sulphur Queen
  • USS Cyclops and many more

Many scientists have different theories about this: –

  • A few says, Methane gas eruption from the sea floor is the cause of all these things.
  • Some have a theory of electronic fog. They say a strange cloud appears suddenly and inundates a ship or a plane.
  • Another theory suggests that this ocean area does not have coastlines. It is only bounded by water current on all the sides.