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This is a great video that shares 10 cool facts all about camel spiders. You will learn about the misconception about them based on some pictures scattered in the internet, like how it was thought they could grow 3 feet long. You’ll learn how these spiders only grow up to 6 inches, how there are 1,000 species of these spiders around the world and how they’re centered in the Middle East and even in the United States. The video will also talk about how they might be similar to tarantulas, explain how they hunt and eat and talks about how to properly take care of them as a pet. You will also find out why these spiders, the Solifugids, are called camel spiders and shares how they are called in many other nicknames.

Your children will discover a lot from viewing this Cool facts for kids video and greatly enhance all your children’s interest in Cool Facts.

This Cool Facts video is genuinely wonderful for young children, from those engaged in early learning programs for Kindergarten kids, to primary school, certainly likewise suitable for young children and children in private schools.

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