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Dangerous Animals


Fun Facts

  • Many species of jellyfish, including the sea wasp, are deadly. Brush against one of their tentacles and you’ll likely die. If you survive, you’ll experience severe pain.
  • The cone snail lives in the ocean and looks like an ordinary snail. One drop of its venom is enough to kill 20 humans and there is no antivenin. A sting from a cone snail means almost certain death.
  • The black mamba isn’t the most venomous snake on the planet, but it’s one of the most dangerous because it’s fast, fierce, and aggressive. It has been known to chase humans for no reason.
  • The Cape buffalo lives on the African grasslands and might seem like a harmless grazer. This aggressive animal will charge humans – and even vehicles – without provocation. It can run 40 mph and weighs 2,000 pounds.
  • One driver ant might not kill you, but how about 50 million? These ants are highly aggressive and territorial. Disturb one of them and the entire colony will turn on you.
  • The tiny death stalker scorpion looks fairly harmless but it’s the most dangerous of all scorpions. Even if you survive, you’ll endure a painful recovery.
  • Pufferfish have a deadly defense. Bother them and they puff up like a balloon. One sting from their spines is enough to paralyze a human and stop his or her breathing. Even eating pufferfish has been known to cause death.
  • Stonefish live on the ocean floor and like their name suggests, look a lot like rocks. Step on them though and you’ll soon discover a painful – and sometimes fatal – surprise.



  1. Tentacle: a long limb
  2. Provocation: an irritant or reason for annoyance


Questions and Answers

Question: How do humans protect themselves from dangerous animals?

Answer: Being aware that a dangerous animal might be nearby is often the best defense; the truth is, though, that many more animals are killed by humans every year than the other way around. Humans just might be the most dangerous animals on the planet.

Learn More

Visit the BBC to see more dangerous animals.



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