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Dangerous Life of Dinosaurs Video for Kids


Be captivated watching the very best selected and really easy to comprehend Dangerous Life of Dinosaurs video:

                                     Dangerous Life of Dinosaurs

This video is all about the dangerous life of dinosaurs. This explains what difficult situations they lived in and how.

In one small valley, there was a stench of death. Unwittingly, the Tyrannosaurus has been drawn into a natural trap. Volcanic vents here are producing poisonous carbon monoxide. And because it is heavier than the air, it has formed a suffocating layer close to the ground. The giant predator stands above the layer but as he puts his head down to feed on one of the corpses, he begins to feel the effects of the gas himself. Eventually, his shear size is his salvation. As he stands up with his head rise, it clears the gas layer.

There are still islands of greenery between the barren lava flows. In the warm, moist climate of the late Cretaceous period, the vegetation has transformed. Instead of coniferous, broad leaves trees fill the canopy. Driving the squad revolution among the plants is the remarkable evolution of flowers. The secret lies in their intimate relationship with insects. Some flowers can be pollinated by insects and some insects like the butterfly can only feed on flowers.

Among all these plants, the birds are flourishing. Millions of years of evolution have also created intimate relationships among different types of dinosaurs, especially the delicate balance between predator and prey. On dinosaur that specializes in defence is the extraordinary Ankylosaurus. They are evolved to withstand attack even from giant predators like Tyrannosaurus but unfortunately even these creatures had no defence against the natural forces that are suffocating their world.



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