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Daniel Boone


Daniel Boone became a legend on the American frontier. With his leather clothes and his coonskin cap, he was thought of as a tough, rugged hero who disliked civilization and preferred living alone in the woods.


Quick Facts

  • Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania in 1734. His parents were Quakers, a religious group that promoted peace. They had followed William Penn, founder of the Quaker movement, to Pennsylvania to escape persecution in Wales.
  • Daniel had 10 brothers and sisters. The family was asked to leave the Quaker faith later when two of his siblings married worlders, people not of the Quaker faith. Daniel’s mother continued to attend church meetings.
  • Daniel was given his first gun when he was 12. One story says that as a boy, he was with some friends when a panther came upon them. The other boys scattered in fear, but Daniel stood his ground, shooting the panther dead.
  • Whether that story is true or not, Daniel did grow up to be a skilled hunter and trapper. Most of his livelihood came from the furs he sold.
  • He married Rebecca Bryan and they had 10 children.
  • Indian skirmishes were a constant problem on the American frontier. Although Daniel respected the Indians, he was involved in several battles with them, including the French and Indian War. At one point, Indians captured two of his daughters. He tracked them down and saved the girls.
  • Daniel was the first white person to settle in Kentucky. He eventually built a road into Kentucky, paving the way for other settlers. He founded Boonesborough, the first town in Kentucky.
  • Daniel fought in the Revolutionary War and later became involved in politics. A book published about his life made him a popular hero in America and Europe.


Questions and Answers

Question: What did Daniel Boone think about some of the stories told about him?

Answer: He was probably amused by some of them, but he was annoyed by the idea that he hated civilization. He actually spent most of his life trying to help other settlers and referred to the idea as nonsense.


Learn More

Watch a video about how Daniel Boone escaped Shawnee Indians and saved a settlement from an Indian attack.



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