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Different Careers Facts for Kids Video


Captivate yourself watching a terrific unique and very easy to understand Different Careers easy science for kids video:

                                                 Different Careers

This fun video is all about different careers and jobs. It shows a lot of career options that kids might like to pursue one day. They can have an idea about the different kinds of jobs they could get when they grow up.

  • Dancer: – By opting for this profession you can perform on TV or in music videos. You can also choose to train others in the skill.
  • Actor: – If you have ever dreamt of being famous then acting is a profession you can go for.
  • Musician: – Many kids dream of being professional singer or musician. If you love performing you can become a musician.
  • Teacher: – you can become a teacher if you enjoy teaching to explaining things to others.
  • Doctor: – Kids with high curiosity about internal working of human body can opt for this profession. Becoming a doctor requires high interest in human anatomy.
  • Engineer: – If you find it fascinating that how machines work or how a car engine gets started then choosing engineering as a career option would be a good decision.
  • Astronaut: – Kids who are interested in outer space and want to know how astronomical bodies work then you can choose this as a career option.
  • Scientist: – There are many different types of scientists including life scientist, physical scientists and social scientists. You can choose any of them according to your interest.
  • Pilot: – Ever dreamt of being able to fly. Pilot is one profession that will let you fulfil your dream
  • Lawyer: – To become a lawyer you must go through three years of law school and pass a written bar examination.


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