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Be entertained enjoying a fantastic special and very simple to comprehend Trivia for Kids simple science for kids video:

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This short video is a fun introduction clip from the National Geographic Channel about their Kids Almanac. The video shows a lot of different science trivia questions to capture kids’ interest. By watching this video, you will learn about how Giraffes clean their own ears, how long the longest worm can grow up, how many miles blood travels in your body every day and where is it illegal to let a donkey sleep in Brooklyn. Kids will also learn how big the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s teeth are and how Antarctica is a desert. These facts are only a preview of some of the random facts for kids you will find in the National Geographic Kids Almanac.

Your children will learn a lot from watching this Trivia for Kids facts video and considerably improve your interest to discover captivating fun facts about Trivia for Kids.

This Trivia for Kids video is targeted for your children, from those engaged in early learning programs for pre-K children, leading to 5th grade, naturally along with pre-school children and home-schooled kids.

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