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How to Make Clouds in a Bottle Facts for Kids Video


                                  How to Make Clouds in a Bottle

This scientific experiment is all about How to make clouds in a bottle. In this experiment, we are mimicking the part of Earth’s water cycle in which water vapor cools down and then get condensed, forming clouds as they connect with dust.

Requirements: –

  • Plastic water bottle with a sports cap
  • Warm water
  • Matches

Procedure: –

  • Pour some warm water in the plastic bottle.
  • Put the cap on it but leave it open.
  • Now, take a match and light it.
  • Blow it out so that it starts creating smokes.
  • Squeeze the bottle gently a few times in a way that it sucks the smoke in.
  • Close the cap. Squeeze the bottle and then release it. Keep repeating this step.
  • When you squeeze the bottle, there is no cloud. When you release the bottle, a cloud appears.

Concept: –

Clouds are generally formed when it is cold. The pressure increases when you start squeezing the bottle and decreases when you release it. All these events cause the temperature inside the bottle to fall and that is how we can make clouds in a bottle.



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